Back to School Tips for Parents


If you plan for success, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving it than if you have no plan at all. The first day of school will be here before you know it and like all ‘firsts’ this is an opportunity for a fresh start. Who says that we can only resolutions at the start of a New Year? Let the new school year be an opportunity to incorporate positive changes and new routines into your life. Take this time to weed-out unsuccessful routines and work towards finding stress-free solutions for your family. Try these 5 Back to School Tips for Parents.

Back to School Tips for Parents

5 Tips For a Smoother First Day of School

Back To School Clothes

Before heading out to back to school sales, first take an inventory of what clothing your children already have. This is the perfect time to toss out or upcycle worn-out clothes, and donate those that don’t fit. If the items that still fit, but haven’t been worn in a while, address the problem rather than just repeat it. Does your child have comfort issues? Or, have items just become hidden in the back of the closet? Just like adults, kids also forget about clothes simply because they haven’t worn them in a while. This doesn’t mean the clothes don’t fit.

Before heading out to the store, have the kids put on a fashion show for you. Make a game out of closet clean-out. As children start to grow up, their taste in clothing can change. This is a great way for children (and adults) rediscover items of clothing that were liked at one time.

School Supplies

A sure sign that the first day of school is right around the corner is when school supply lists are handed out. It may be a simple task for mom or dad to head to the store and pick up what is on the list, but involving your children in the process will add to their excitement for the start of the new school year. Make a special date of purchasing the supplies. Plan an outing with lunch, or some other special treat. Let their personality shine, let your children take ownership in their choices.

Pre-Plan for Incoming Paper Clutter

It’s hard to manage all your child’s special papers. But if you don’t have a system in place on day one, you will be overwhelmed with paper by day 10. Whatever system you put in place, consistency is key here. Getting all family members on the same routine will make life simpler for everyone in the long run. Here are some clever ways I’ve found for Dealing with School Paper Clutter.

Create an Area for Homework

Children, will be able to find what they need for school projects if it is conveniently kept in one place. A little up-front time on your part will enable children to be more self-sufficient when it comes to doing their homework (and save you time). If space is available for a stand alone desk in your child’s room or other designated space that’s great. Unfortunately, the kitchen table is where most homework ends up being done. So even if the designated homework spot is in one of your main living areas, it is just as important to have all the needed supplies easy accessible. Here are 5 Ways to Set Up a Portable Homework Station that are easy and inexpensive.

Prepare the Kids for the First Day of School

Don’t expect your kids to suddenly be able to get up at 7 am, when they have just spent the last 10 weeks sleeping in until 9. You wouldn’t like doing it, so neither do they. Ease into the morning routine. Start at least a week in advance by getting up earlier each day. Use same method that you will be using when school starts such as setting an alarm clock. Once awake, get up, get dressed and have breakfast. Parents can also get into practice by having lunches ready the night before or practice making them in the morning. Then a few days before school starts, take it a step further by walking to the bus stop, bike riding or walking to school. Practice just like it was an actual school day. Was anything forgotten? Lunches, backpack?

I hope these 5 Back to School Tips make for a smoother transition from summer break to the first day of school.